David P.
Dr. Donoway truly cares about his patients. I had a difficult pancreatic cancer case and was recommended to him by my primary care physician. My airline flight to see him was a long one but well worth it. He spent a long time answering my questions and providing needed information prior to and after the surgery. The surgical team respected his leadership, and now the follow through care shows that he doesn’t just drop you. He is there to help you win the battle-the guy you would want with you if you were in Vietnam.

John W.
Dr. Donoway is perhaps the most knowledgeable doctor relating to advanced cancer treatments we’ve ever met! Despite being a top doctor, he took time to meet with us on the weekend to review my scans knowing he couldn’t treat me. Instead, he was able to connect us to the exact right doctor for us. That is incredible! It is very rare to find someone genuinely interested in a personal situation and to recommend an approach with another doctor that has a really good potential for success.

Lerris J.
Thank God he send me in good hands, the doctor knows what he is doing, he performed the nano Knife on me 5 years ago, I am happy I was coming to Dr. Donoway office, everybody in the office really cares about the patients, I want God to keep Dr. Donoway and the rest of his office to keep being like that with all the patients, my family is very apreciative of Dr. Donoway service for me. Thank you my God bless Dr. Donoway and his office

Adriana C.
After being diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer and metastasis to the liver, we had little hope of life, until we met Dr. Donoway and his team, they gave us hope, and made me and my family feel that we were in the best hands (and we are). Dr. Donoway is not like any other doctor, he really puts his heart and soul for his patients, he listen and dedicates his time with each and everyone of his patients. we could not be more thankful to be in his hands.

Patricia M.
El Dr. Robert Donoway es un excelente cirujano y tiene un equipo de personas trabajando junto a el que también hacen más fácil enfrentar la palabra “Cáncer” y todas las dudas que tengamos con respecto a este

Denise M.
I wanted to share a separate testimony about the assistance I received from Kathryn. August of 2020, I called to get my surgical and pathology reports from my surgery in 2001 and I knew it was a long shot but I gave it a try. I actually left a message with the details of my request with no expectation of a return call. Within an hour Kathryn called me and we had such a pleasant conversation about Dr. Donoway and my experience. Afterwards Kathryn said she would try her best to find the records for my current physician in Alabama which he needed to better assist me. Kathryn and I communicated on every step of my records recovery process and finally when I texted her about the progress, she informed me that my records were already faxed to my new doctor and that a copy was mailed to me as well. First, she gave me her cell number, which everyone knows, people in that field just don’t do that but I made sure I didn’t abuse the privilege she’d trusted me with. Thank you my Angel Kathryn. Blessings.

Denise M.
First, I’d like to say how much my husband and I love Dr. Robert Donoway. He was the only surgeon that was not afraid to do the surgery I was in need of. For over 5 years I suffered with an illness no doctor in South Florida knew what was happening or able to cure. Dr. Donoway told my husband of God’s love for me because any other surgeon would have tried and failed and I would have lost my life during surgery. Dr. Donoway not only performed a very risky surgery in 2001, but removed something Dr. referred to as being alive and had damaged most of my organs. But I’m alive today because God led us to Dr. Donoway and we’ll always remember his kindness, his compassionate care for me and the many perfected skills he’s blessed to have and use to save lives. Thank you Dr. Donoway.

Danielle B.
Thank you Dr. Donoway! Thank you for making my mom feel like your only patient with individualized care. Thank you for always thinking beyond standard of care and considering all aspects of your patient. Thank you for your knowledge and patience while educating. Mostly, thank you for giving us a chance! Look no further- You won’t find better care anywhere else! Dx: pancan with liver mets

Peter C.
Doctor Donoway is the most caring surgeon I have ever met. As a retired English barrister, I have come across many doctors but none as able and dedicated as Dr. Donoway. This man is a life-saver and I thank him for my life!

Beth S.
Dr. Donoway and his staff are great! We are from Illinois, and my husband Travis (diagnosed stage 4 pan cancer Feb 2017) was in a dire situation with a large pancreatic mets tumor in his rectum. Our local oncology team was out of ideas and not offering surgery as he has already had a major abdominal surgery 2 years prior. I contacted Dr. Donoway and he got us in for surgery after reviewing his case within a week! He performed a complex procedure that our local oncologists would not. He also acquired the assistance of a plastic surgeon to close up wounds etc. He visited Travis everyday in the hospital and guided his overall care very closely. He is extremely knowledgeable and personable. He gives patients HOPE! God bless him.

Miguel B.
I went to visit Doctor Donoway 4 years ago with my uncle and he has been doing great since then, I believe is due to following all the direction doctor gave us, we are thankfull for all his dedication and focus on my uncle

Dr. Donoway and his office Manager, Kathryn have always treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. Dr. Donoway is undoubtedly the best of the best in the world and I am so blessed to be under his care as my Surgical Oncologist. Dr. Donoway has always taken his time to answer all of my questions and has always made me feel comfortable and has reduced my stress during the very emotionally trying road of cancer treatment. I am ecstatic and have Dr. Donoway to thank for making me cancer free!!

Frances D.
Highly skilled surgeon. Excellent, professional and caring service throughout.

Sophie T.
Dr Donoway is the most knowledgable doctor on the subject of Pancreatic Nanoknife, he saved my cousins life and has been our hero every step of the way, his surgical skills are phenomenal and his demeanor is kind and compassionate he gave us guidance on what the next steps are after the procedure and he continues to help us on our journey even guiding the oncologist. I highly recommend him.

Trish V.
When you are dealing with Pancreatic Cancer, Stage-IV, you must make a crucial decision between letting the doctors take control OR taking a pro-active role in your treatment. When our Medical Oncologist basically told us that only Chemo was an option and that she was not confident she would get the primary tumor through chemo, we knew we had to take action. Mom wanted to fight this! We researched and were willing to go anywhere to get our Mother the treatment and care she deserved. We discovered Nanoknife and almost went to another country to have the percutaneuous version. Then we connected with Dr. Donoway, who patiently answered our questions and explained Open vs. Percutaneous Nanoknife to us. We liked that he prefers to see PC as a chronic, rather than a terminal disease. So we decided to travel half-way around the world, take a 15 hour flight across the Pacific and the USA, to get to Dr. Donoway and have our Mom undergo Nanoknife and Gastric Bypass.